Hybrid systems

Hybrid systems are a combination of a photovoltaic system with an oil generator (hydrogen generator, hydrogen generator, wind turbine or hydro generator).

They target larger domestic or professional applications. The PC is usually automatically activated in emergency situations to assist the photovoltaic system. If the hybrid system is combined with other sources of energy, other sources of energy are used as a back-up source of energy if the main source is not covered. They are mainly used for the uninterrupted operation of electrical loads in winter, summer. (All loads, in areas where the mains network is missing or the connection is unprofitable.)

• Initial system design
• Timetable for the construction of the project
• Accurate location maps
• Collection of necessary bids
• Creation of a techno-economic study
• Technical description of the project
• Energy Estimation Study
• Shading Study
• System installation

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